Bill would repeal mandatory license suspensions for drug offenders

Senate leaders plan to vote on the bill next week

BOSTON (WWLP) – A new bill in the State Senate will aim to repeal a state law mandating that anyone convicted of a drug offense have their driver’s license suspended.

Under the current law, the suspension is mandatory even if the original crime did not involve a car. The law has been criticized for putting up an unnecessary barrier for people trying to turn their lives around.

While some local residents say the law makes them feel safer on the road, others told 22News the state should be focused on rehabilitation.

“If you take away, not that right, but that privilege, it’s going to be harder for them to acclimate to society,” said Jeff Skrzypczak of Amherst. “They can’t get a job, they’re going to revert to more crime. Instead of spending money to enforce that, focus on rehabilitating people, getting them into work or job programs.”

Senate leaders plan to vote on the bill next week.

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