Ethics hearing due to “preferential treatment” of a police officer

Ethics hearing for Agawam Police Lieutenant

BOSTON (WWLP) – On Wednesday, the 22News I-Team broke the story that Belchertown’s Police Chief wasn’t given a ticket after being pulled over for suspected drunk driving in Granby.

Friday, the 22News I-Team has new details on another case of preferential treatment of a police officer.

Giving another cop a “get out of jail free” card continues to haunt the Agawam police department more than 3 years later.   Back in June 2012, former Agawam cop Danielle Petrangelo, reportedly beyond drunk, “annihilated” is the word that was used in a police department internal affairs report, was driving the wrong way down Route 5. The Agawam Police just drove her home without issuing a ticket.

Friday in Boston, an Ethics commission hearing looking into whether Agawam police Lt. Edward McGovern violated the state’s conflict of interest laws.

The West Springfield police officer who found Petrangelo and the Agawam officer who responded, testified Friday morning. Lt. McGovern was the supervising officer the night of the incident.

(Did she ask you any questions?)

“If I was going to arrest her and I told her it wasn’t my call a supervisor was en route,” said Officer Pierson.

“(Who made the decision not to cite officer Petrangelo for O.U.I.?)

“Lt. McGovern,” said Officer Pierson.

(Who made the decision not to cite officer Petrangelo for operating to endanger or reckless driving?)

“Lt. McGovern,” said Officer Pierson.

Officer Pierson said it would have been a conflict of interest to arrest his fellow officer, and also said that Lt. McGovern never told him not to arrest her.

The hearing has a 2nd date scheduled for next week, and it usually takes months until the full commission makes a decision.
Lt. McGovern could face a $10,000 fine.

Petrangelo, when an officer, also accidentally shot a woman in the face  She was cleared of any criminal charges, but the victim is now suing the town for $1.5 Million.

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