Franklin County Fair comes to town

The fair will run for four days

GREENFIELD, Mass (WWLP) – Some Franklin County residents are getting ready for the 167th annual Franklin County Fair.

The fair will kick off this Thursday, with a parade in downtown Greenfield. The event attracts people from all over the county, because of the food, animals and rides.

One person told 22News, there’s a little something for everybody at the fair.

“Well people are particular interest. My niece, particularly when she was a bit younger loved the rides. Other people, you know, their daughter or their son has a craft or an animal being judged, so you have to see that. And, of course, the people who are farming the area are interested in the equipment display,” said Tom Roulston of Greenfield.

The Franklin County Fair will be held at the Franklin County Fairgrounds in Greenfield from September 10-13th. The theme this year is Bushels of Fun.

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