Colleges trying to do more to stop sexual assault

New York, California have "affirmative consent" laws on college campuses

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – Sex talk is now a part of early college curriculum under New York campus safety law.

New York is the second state, after California, to write the affirmative consent standard into law for college campuses. The idea is to ensure both parties agree to every phase of sexual activity as it’s happening- it has often been described as “Yes means yes.”

But even though it may only be written into the laws in New York and California, it is becoming the norm at colleges nationwide, under the same pressures to reduce and better handle sex assault on campus.

The University of Massachusetts currently offers sexual education classes to undergraduates, as well as support systems. Student groups at the university have also been working on a “Bill of Rights” to better support victims of sexual assault.

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