Warning for parents about “Hide Apps”

WILBRAHAM, Mass. (WWLP) – It is not unlikely for high school, middle school and sometimes even kids younger than that to have cellphones. If you’re a Parent you should be aware of innocent looking apps that may shock you.

It’s designed to look like a calculator, but once you enter in your pass-code and push the equal symbol it unlocks a secret place to store a wide range of things.

These app are called “hide apps”. 22News searched for them in the app store and we found multiple free downloads.

Once you get into the app among many other things, you can add and take photos that will only appear in the app itself.

“I would never think of checking on my daughter’s iPad or her phone and click on a calculator and think she has hidden pictures or anything so it’s kind of scary in that perspective,” said Vanessa Martinez of East Longmeadow.

Not only can you save photos, but also contacts, music and videos… none of which appear in your normal storage. These apps make it possible to contact with someone who doesn’t actually appear to be in your cellphone contacts. When we entered a fake number, a warning message appeared alerting us to make sure we delete any messages or calls in the call-log because it would appear there.

“I think it’s very scary that kids can hide so many different things as a grandmother and a mom I would never be able to see the different things they are getting into with the app. They just great at the different apps compared to my generation,” Cheryl Stanco of Wilbraham.

While some of them the “hide apps” are advanced others are extremely user friendly. There is a way to prevent your children from downloading these apps however. You can turn off your child’s ability to install apps without your permission.

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