Rowan Atkinson celebrates 25 years of Mr. Bean by riding atop a Mini Cooper

Rowan Atkinson first portrayed the character Mr. Bean in 1990

LONDON (NBC News) – Only on a special occasion would you see a man in an armchair strapped atop a green Mini driving down the street.

That’s exactly what happened in London yesterday when British comedy icon ‘Mr. Bean’ celebrated 25 years of success.

With his car filled with presents, the character played by actor Rowan Atkinson used a mop to steer the car down the road toward Buckingham Palace, as he did in one of the sitcom’s episodes.

Mr. Bean made his TV debut in Britain in 1990.

His amusing and often disruptive exploits soon won him fans around the globe.

The typically tight-lipped Mr. Bean didn’t hesitate to explain why he was on top of the car and not inside of it: “because the car’s full of my presents, which I had to buy, but they’re presents. They’re addressed to me. So as far as I’m concerned they’re my presents and I’m going to enjoy them thoroughly.”

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