Malfunctioning traffic signal? Treat it as a four-way stop

(KHON) -What are you are supposed to do if traffic signals are malfunctioning?

Power outages and weather can cause signals to either be out, display a yellow light, or show flashing lights.

400+ without power in Greenfield

This has drivers confused.

If a traffic signal goes out because of a power outage and an officer is not there to direct traffic, then drivers should treat the intersection as a four-way stop.

“Whenever you approach a four-way stop with another vehicle at the same time from different roadways, you should always yield to the vehicle on your right. Also, the first vehicle stopped at a four-way intersection has the right of way.”


If the traffic signals are flashing, drivers with the flashing red light should stop and yield to other drivers before going through the intersection. Drivers with the flashing yellow light should proceed with caution.

You should also report the malfunctioning traffic signal to authorities. If it is causing a traffic hazard to call 911.

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