6-Year-Old With Cancer Becomes Cop

The 6 year old has stage four cancer all over his body


(WSPA) – A South Carolina police department has a new officer in its ranks. He’s only 6, but Officer Peyton Gesing hit the streets like an old pro Thursday in Simpsonville.

Like many kids, Peyton wants to be a police officer. He just doesn’t have as much time.

The 6 year old has stage four cancer all over his body.

His mom says so far no treatment has worked, except for his latest endeavor. The Simpsonville Police Department made Peyton an honorary police officer.

He even has an official ID card.

On Thursday he took his new title to check on area businesses downtown with Police Chief Keith Grounsell by his side.

Peyton was shy and didn’t say much on his visits. But his mom says the time spent in uniform has given Peyton purpose.

“He’s always in pain or doesn’t feel good. And now he eats. He’s gained four pounds in a week. I found that out today,” said Suzanne Gesing. “It just feels like he has a purpose instead of just cancer, instead of just living at the hospital.”

And the people around town want Peyton to stay.

“That just touches my heart, his story and everything. And I thought it was really nice. I hope he can come back in more,” said Tracy Lewis who works downtown.

“Oh it’s amazing. It’s wonderful,” said Peyton’s mom. “Watching your kid give up in front of you is hard. But now he’s got hope.”

Word about Officer Peyton has been spreading. He’s received cards and gifts from strangers across the state.

And a local production company is even working on a movie about Peyton’s experience.

To see the trailer, click here.

Chief Grounsell says the police department is also trying to help the family offset some of the medical bills.

If you can help, the Suntrust Bank on Woodruff Rd. in Greenville is accepting donations in an account named for Ron Catlett, Peyton’s grandfather.

The family has also set up a GoFundMe account to help with medical expenses. Just click here.

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