Students begin moving in at Springfield College

There are 552 freshmen in Springfield College's class of 2019

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s a rite of passage for both parents and new college students: the day they move in to their new home away from home.

Isaac Williams, Sr. of Springfield and his wife Valerie helped their son Jordan move in to his Springfield College dormitory Friday. Williams hopes his son will make good decisions while he’s away from home. “That he studies, that he stays away from all the parties that may be going on that he’s focused that what he wants to do in the future.”

His son Jordan says his father has nothing to worry about. “Absolutely not, he raised me very, very well, I will do very well in college. He has nothing to worry about.”

Mom Valerie Williams provides yet another incentive for her son to strive for excellence. She graduated from Springfield College herself. “I’m extremely proud, my baby boy is coming to my alma mater, just being able to see him move in today is just another milestone in our lives.”

Although the Seymours of Marlboro have been through this twice before, it’s the third child they’ve helped move to college. Today was no less emotional for the family.

Kathy Seymour told 22News, “It’s kind of special with each child, it’s different, a different bond. And this is our first son we’re dropping off at school.”

There are 552 freshmen in Springfield College’s class of 2019.

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