State targeting bars who over-serve patrons

If you're hosting a cookout at your house, it's a good idea for at least a couple people to stay sober

CHICOPEE Mass. (WWLP) – Police are on the lookout this weekend for drunk drivers, and state regulators are targeting bars that habitually over-serve.

22news went to the Rumbleseat in Chicopee (not on this target list) to find out how bartenders serve patrons safely. Alison Theroux told 22News their staff focuses on body language; customers’ eyes, balance, and how they interact with their friends. She said her job this weekend is different from say, the busy Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Friends start drinking at the bar that night, but this weekend they start hours before on a boat or at a cookout.

Theroux said, “People are coming here afterward and ending their night here. When they arrive we’re looking to see how much this person has had to drink. We’re watching because we don’t want to overserve them after they’ve been drinking all day.”

If you’re hosting a cookout at your house, it’s a good idea for at least a couple people to stay sober. You’ll want to pay close attention to who’s not safe to drive.

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