NASCAR goes retro on NBC

Watch the video to find out how racers got the The Darlington Stripe

(NBC) Darlington International Speedway is a track so rich in racing history it has two nicknames: “The Lady in Black” and the track “Too Tough to Tame”.

Built in 1950, the egg-shaped track was NASCAR’s first super speedway. Each of the four turns has its own personality, and many drivers call it their most difficult test.

“It’s not very wide and it’s not very forgiving,” says Tony Stewart. “You have to hit your marks every lap.”

Winning at Darlington means speeds up to 185 miles per hour and lines requiring drivers to race dangerously close to the track’s concrete outside walls.

When the sun sets this Sunday night, Darlington’s holiday weekend race moves back to its original spot on the Labor Day calendar.

Celebrating the track’s tradition, NBC Sports will combine state of the art technology with 1970s retro graphics and classic logos.

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