Millennials have negative views of their generation

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – “Wasteful”, “Self-absorbed” and “greedy.” Those are all adjectives that millennials used to describe their own generation, some even saying they don’t want to identify as a millennial.

Even Millennials, who are generally defined at 18 to 34 year-olds, don’t think fondly of their own generation, that’s according to a new pew research poll.

59 % of millennials said their generation is self-absorbed and nearly half said they were wasteful. None of the other prominent age-groups, Gen X’ers, baby boomers or the “silent generation” used as many negative words to describe their peers.

Millennials told 22News there’s one thing their generation has that past generations didn’t, social media. They say that’s why they have a more negative view of their peers.

“Because of social media, like twitter and Instagram we’re always trying to be better than everyone else and I could see why we would want to be. But we definitely have a Judgy generation” said Daniel Person’s of South Deerfield.

“I think it’s, you know more about your peers and friend and family than you did before so I think maybe it’s easier to be critical because there’s so much information available,” said Alec Spangler from New York.

The highest ranking positive trait millennials used to describe their own generation was “environmentally conscious.”

Baby-boomers and the silent generation thought the most of their peers, using words like “Hard working”, “responsible” and “patriotic” to describe themselves.

One of the most surprising statistics to come out of this survey was that 60 percent of millennials don’t want to consider themselves part of that generation.

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