Memorial Ave rotary project won’t be completed on deadline

Construction will temporarily stop during the Big E

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Between the Route 5 tunnel project and the Memorial Ave. rotary work, West Springfield drivers have been waiting for the day that construction doesn’t slow them down. Now we know, they’ll have to wait even longer.

MassDOT told 22News earlier this summer, the Route 5 rotary and bridgework would be completed by the start of the Big E.
Since that deadline will not be met, once the Big E starts, all rotary construction will stop to keep traffic moving during the run of the fair.

Even with no road closures during the Big E, we can expect backups on the bridge coming into West Springfield, because there is still only one lane open going around the rotary. MassDOT’s Amanda Skahan told 22News once the Big E ends in October, crews will finish the sidewalks, bridge roadways and paint new lane markings.

When 22News asked MassDOT why all this roadwork won’t be completed on-time, they didn’t have an exact explanation for us.
However, they said they will follow up with crews on Tuesday, to get us an answer.

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