Are college students choosing the right career path?

Students owe around one trillion dollars in education loans.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) – The unemployment rate hit its lowest rate in 7 years last month, but college graduates are still having a hard time finding work.

According to Career builder, the fastest growing college degree programs are in science and math. 22News wanted to find out if students choose their degree programs based on passion or profit.

The value of a college degree continues to be strong. One student told 22News, he chose his career because he wants to be an entrepreneur.

“I always wanted to work on Wall Street and I’m interested in business. I chose business because I like numbers and I want to own something when I grow up,” said American International College student Nyles Hightower.

The degrees with the most growth was in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, also known as STEM, while the programs experiencing the biggest decline were in Education and History.

Students 22News spoke with at AIC, told us, they choose their career paths based on passion and profit.

“I actually do have a passion for it. I enjoy learning about economics and government and business and I really enjoy it,” said Rebecca Gray.

Director of Career Development at A.I.C J.A Marshall told 22News, A.I.C has a unique way of motivating its students.

“We have a very strong approach at AIC where we encourage them to go to a career fair where they can meet with different departments.”

Student debt continues to weigh heavily on graduates, with students owing around one trillion dollars in education loans.

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