Who are all these refugees heading to Europe?

WASHINGTON (CNN) – A “flood of humanity” has become Europe’s largest migrant crisis since World War II. Thousands are fleeing war, poverty, corruption, and oppression.

The flood of humanity making its way across Europe is mostly made up of refugees from the war zone that are Iraq and Syria. They are the father who carried his daughter on his shoulder because back home she was his little princess and he just wants to give her that back again.

They are the mother with the law degree who cries every single time she talks or thinks about her children that she had to leave back home making the trek on her own in hopes they will be able to join her. They are youths, students, groups of young men who are also want to bring their families over to Europe who are looking for opportunities that no longer exist for them in their respective countries. Things like jobs, education, and just the chance of living a dignified and respected life.

They are people fleeing violence of which they have no control. People who don’t want to die who don’t want to watch their children die so yes parents make the impossible decision of bringing over their little ones, their babies because as they keep telling us if they were to stay back home they believe they would end up dead.

So why not take the chance and try and make it to Europe?

There are people as far away as Myanmar and Afghanistan from various African nations who are fleeing abject poverty, corrupt and oppressive regimes. They are people from different backgrounds from all walks of life who share one thing in common. A belief, a dream that Europe will offer them a future any future.

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