Trump turns to Twitter to unleash opinions

Trump doesn't restrict himself to his competition, either

(CNN) – Attack ads are a big part of presidential campaigns, but so far, you don’t see any attack ads from Donald Trump. There’s a reason for that.

“The Donald” is already doing plenty of attacking for free on Twitter. His tweets are often sarcastic, hateful, and downright nasty.

Most are directed at his opponents: “Jeb Bush never uses his last name on advertising, signage, materials, etc. Is he ashamed of the name Bush? A pretty sad situation. Go Jeb!”

“Congrats @lindseygrahamsc. You just got four points in your home state of SC — far better than zero nationally. You’re only 26 points behind me.”

And after Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders lost control of his microphone to Black Lives Matters protesters, Trump tweeted this dig: “How is Bernie Sanders going to defend our country if he can’t even defend his own microphone? Very sad!”

Trump went after the President during the Ebola scare: “I am starting to think there is something seriously wrong with President Obama’s mental health. Why won’t he stop the flights? Psycho!”

In another tweet, he asked if the President is “stupid or arrogant?”

Trump has nearly four-million followers on Twitter, so his tweets hardly go unnoticed. His favorite words when firing off these zingers seem to be “dumb” and “dopey.” He uses the word “great” a lot too, but mainly about himself and things he likes.

Trump goes after the media too, retweeting this about Fox News’ Megyn Kelly after she’d returned from vacation: “The bimbo back in town. I hope not for long.”

And this about Anderson Cooper: “What a waste of time being interviewed by @andersoncooper, when he puts on really stupid talking heads like Tim O’Brien — dumb guy with no clue.”

Pundits are a target, too.

Charles Krauthhammer in the line of fire, with Trump calling him, “a totally overrated clown, who speaks without knowing facts.”

And this tweet: “One of the dumber and least respected of the political pundits is Chris Cilliaza of the Washington Post @thefix. Moron hates my poll numbers.”

Celebrities are fair game in Trump’s Twitterverse. Trump tweeted this last year about singer Katy Perry: “Katy Perry must’ve been drunk when she married Russell Brand.” Brand boldly fired back, “@realdonaldtrump are you drunk when you write these tweets or does that foam you spray on your bald head make you high?”

Whatever it is that inspires Trump’s tweets, a Washington Post headline summed it up this way: “Your next president, Donald Trump, basically tweets like a 12-year old.”

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