The MBTA’s price tag reaches $7.3 billion

A portion of the state gas and sales tax goes to the MBTA

BOSTON (WWLP) – It’s going to cost more than $7 billion to repair Boston’s “T” system. No one in Western Massachusetts directly benefits, but it’s going to come out of your pocket.

The costs continue to climb to bring the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority into a state of good repair. Transportation leaders project that it will cost $7.3 billion to make sure existing trains, tracks and stations are functioning properly. That’s $650 million more than last winter’s estimates.

Warren Republican Todd Smola told 22News, “A project that has a $7.3 billion price tag in order to complete, and fix, and get it up the way that it’s supposed to be moving will be the main area of concern, there’s no doubt about it.”

That money does not include plans to expand public transportation. Although the MBTA serves thousands of people living in the Greater Boston area, there’s no direct benefit to taxpayers living in the western part of the state. Berkshire County State Representative Paul Mark said his constituents are frustrated their tax dollars are being spent on Boston’s “T” system when they lack reliable public transportation in the Berkshires.

He added, “The people in my district, they’re really concerned that we’re not getting the same level of public transportation service that the rest of the state is getting, and it’s frustrating.”

Right now, a portion of the state gas and sales tax goes directly to the “T.” This year, the state dedicated about $660 million to repair or replace existing trains, tracks and stations.

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