WMass lawmakers support replica gun identification bill

A public hearing for the bill has not yet been scheduled

BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) – One state lawmaker wants to make it easier for people to identify a replica gun.

In a split-second situation, it can be very difficult for law enforcement to distinguish a toy gun from a bullet-firing weapon. Right now, federal law requires that all replica guns sold and manufactured in the country must have an orange tip.

State Representative Dan Cullinane, (D) Boston, told 22News it can be easily broken off or painted over, and that could lead to a very dangerous situation. The Boston Democrat has filed legislation that would make it easier for people to determine whether a gun is capable of firing bullets or a replica.

Rep. Cullinane told 22News, “Twelve other states, including New York two years ago, filed legislation which mandates a one-inch orange strip visible from every angle, all the way around the gun to show that this isn’t an actual bullet-firing weapon.”

Cullinane’s bill has nineteen co-sponsors, including four state lawmakers from western Massachusetts.

A public hearing for the bill has not yet been scheduled.

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