PF Chang’s cook accused of stabbing co-worker

PF Chang's in the North Shore Mall is still closed

PEABODY, Mass. (WCVB) – A cook at a Massachusetts PF Chang’s restaurant is in custody. He’s accused of killing one of his co-workers inside the restaurant.

23-year-old Jaquan Huston, a PF Chang’s cook for less than a month, now accused of murdering 38-year-old Elivelton Dias, a co-worker.

A sous chef two feet away says Huston attacked with a sushi knife.

“It was a sushi knife. About 12, 13 inches long. And then I turned around and I saw him leaning against the counter and then a knife was sticking out of his back,” said William Blundell.

“The defendant, according to the statement he provided to police, perceived that the victim was speaking about him in Spanish, specifically that he was concerned for his safety,” said Ashlee Logan.

Co-workers didn’t know of any issues between the victim and Huston. Huston’s mom says her son has anger management issues, and told her he felt threatened Saturday at work.

Dias was back on the job two days after the birth of his daughter, was stabbed in the back and shoulder.

“Well he was a top cook,” said William Blundell.

PF Chang’s in the North Shore Mall is still closed and the staff is still traumatized.

“We have counseling sessions going on today. If you happened to be there, it was chaos,” said William Blundell.

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