Japan scraps Olympic logo

(NTV) Japan’s Olympic Committee says it will withdraw its 2020 logo choice amid claims of copyright infringement.

The committee selected in July designer Kenjiro Sano’s creation to represent the Tokyo games.

Belgium-based designer Olivier Debie said the logo was a rip-off of one he created for a theater.

Debie brought a lawsuit in Belgian court to force the committee to stop using the logo.

A blog owner later noticed that Sano used her image in his logo presentation without permission.

Sano has admitted his company copied ideas they used in a beverage company’s promotional campaign, but the designer maintains the Olympic logo is his original work.

At a press conference Ttuesday, Olympic Committee C.E.O. Toshiro Muto said experts determined the logo did not infringe on any copyrights.

He said the committee is axing the logo at Sano’s request.

Muto said the designer made his decision not because the design was pirated, but to avoid further controversy.

Source: http://bit.ly/1Kpof4x

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