How restaurants are gearing up for Labor Day Weekend customers

Some restaurants say they definitely see more customers during holiday weekends

TURNERS FALLS, Mass. (WWLP) –  A lot of people take road trips on Labor Day Weekend and many of those people will be stopping by at local restaurants in Franklin County.

While Turners Falls is not a highly promoted Franklin County tourist destination, the restaurants along Avenue A expect more business because of their proximity to Route 2.

The owner of Hubie’s Tavern and Restaurant in Turners Falls told 22News they’re anticipating more customers than usual on Labor Day Weekend. “I understand, locally, it can be a big weekend and we’ll do music out on the patio Saturday night and hopefully the weather will be nice and we’ll have a lot of folks around,” said Shawn Hubert.

Many restaurants told 22News that they’re getting ready for the increase in customers for Labor Day Weekend by having more food ready to cook and more employees scheduled to work. “A few days before, we’ll send that order for an extra bucket of chicken and put on one more person. You know, you just get ready for everyone else to be off and we’re working in the kitchen,” said Adam Bastarche from Kali B’s in Turners Falls.

Some people who are working also plan to stop at local restaurants. Daniel Toniatti works in Turners Falls and he said, “There’s a good chance, with us working in the area, we’ll be visiting a restaurant in the area. We’ve visited a couple of pizza places in the area.”

Turners Falls is just off Route 2. These restaurants say they definitely see more customers during holiday weekends.

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