Getting the most from your WiFi

(NBC News) Picking out the right WiFi router for your home is hard enough, and experts say picking the right spot to put it can be important as well.

There are a lot of things to keep at a distance from your router.

“Things like lead pipes, glass, mirrors,” explains Best Buy’s Randall Daniels. “Stuff like that can all affect your wireless signal.”

You don’t want to set it up close to your microwave oven, either. They can also interfere with a WiFi signal.

And avoid putting it close to other wireless devices like printers, keyboards and cellphones.

“Really, the center of your house is going to get you the best performance out of your wireless signal,” Daniels advises.

That means putting it on something tall on the first floor, or something short and close to the floor on the second.

To boost your WiFi signal, upgrade the antennas or change the router’s bandwidth using its software.

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