After 7 months in the wild, dog finds his way home

DARLINGTON, SC (WBTW) – A Darlington dog is lucky to be home after walking for almost seven months to find his way back to his owner.

Betty Trogdon says she’s holding her dog, Charlie Brown, a little tighter after she lost him for almost seven months.

Trogdon says she was going from Darlington to Hartsville when she got in a car accident back in December with Charlie Brown in the car.

She said when she opened the car door, Charlie Brown was frightened and ran off into the woods.

“I went out just about every day for close to two months. I went out Christmas eve, it was moonlight, and we called, no Charlie,” said Trogdon.

Trogdon says she searched the woods for months, and almost gave up hope she would see Charlie again.

“Everybody said ‘don’t give up, he might come home’, and he did,” said Trogdon.

He did, almost seven months later.

Trogdon says when she came home from taking her other dogs on a walk earlier this month, she looked up and saw a miracle.

“I looked up, and there was this thin, brown dog standing in the back yard. It really didn’t register for just a second, you know, the other dogs were quite upset thinking it was a strange dog, and I said ‘Ah! It’s Charlie’,” said Trogdon.

She says the pads on Charlie’s feet were torn from walking, and he was very slim.

Now, she says she’s working to get him healthy again and still can’t believe he made it home.

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