12-year-old girl helps MA police catch burglar

He never actually got into the house and no one was hurt

AUBURN, Mass. (WCVB) – “I’m upstairs in a closet. I’m trying to hide and I don’t know what to do,” said the 12 year old girl.

A 12 year old girl home alone Monday around 3pm when a man tried to pry his way into her house. She was scared but also resourceful, using her smartphone to capture this video and a photo of the would-be intruder.

“He’s wearing a red auburn t-shirt, a hat and a rag in his back pocket. He’s trying to get in everywhere. He keeps trying to knock on the back door and tug at it. Now he’s banging on the garage,” said the girl.

She was scared, you can hear it in her voice. Yet, police say that 12 year old girl stayed calm and got critical information to the 911 dispatcher.

“She gave us an excellent description, very accurate and the suspect was apprehended a short distance away,” said Detective Sergeant Scott Mills of the Auburn police.

Police say 53-yr-old Clinton Joyce of Worcester has a long history of breaking and entering. He’s on parole and probation, now being held on 20-thousand dollars bail.

He never actually got into the house, no one was hurt and no one injured. However, the suspect was caught in the act thanks to a quick thinking 12 year old and Police used those images to make a positive ID.

“You know we don’t advocate what she did but it worked out very well in this case,” said Detective Sergeant Mills.

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