Video: Naked man on meth trashes gas station

Brian Creamer is in jail facing drug-related and burglary charges

(CNN) – Sometimes burglars will wear masks or cover up completely in all black clothing, but rarely do you see one who chooses to wear nothing at all, not even shoes or socks; like this man who Wetumpka Police identified as 34 year-old Brian Creamer.

They say the Chilton County man smashed a window with a fire extinguisher to get into the Chevron Food Mart at the intersection of Highway 231 and Redland Road early Friday morning. In this surveillance video, goes to town trashing the place, inside and out.

“Things were in a disarray inside the building, a lot of damage done. Also, there were pumps on the outside that had been turned on and gas was flowing everywhere.”

Back inside, Creamer allegedly tossed electronics into a sink filled with water, destroyed the bathrooms and made a huge mess before throwing his hands up and surrendering to police.

Police ended up finding Brian Creamer’s car at this abandoned gas station next door. He told officers that he had pulled over here after getting hot and thirsty on his way to the Wetumpka casino. Inside the car, police say they found Creamer’s clothes and drugs.

“The subject advised that he was on some ICE, which is a very high potent drug and everything that’s starting to frequent our area. The downfall of using drugs is that he can’t remember anything.”

Meanwhile, the store’s owner spent the day dealing with the damage.

“We’re getting all the cleaning up done but we’re still open for business.”

Brian Creamer traded his birthday suit for a jumpsuit. Creamer is in jail facing drug-related and burglary charges.

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