Maryland man reportedly kept coyote as a pet

(Photo: Calvert County Sheriff’s Office)

CALVERT COUNTY, Md. (WRIC) — A Maryland resident could face charges after keeping a coyote as a pet, police said.

It is illegal to own a coyote in Maryland.

Authorities were called around 8 a.m. Wednesday for a report that a coyote was “running loose with a leash,” a press release from the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office reads. Animal control officers were able to catch the coyote. They said the animal was wearing a collar, “indicating it was someone’s pet.”

A man admitted to police that he was the owner of the coyote, according to authorities. Upon investigation, officers were told the man got the coyote as a puppy in Virginia.

“Due to the possible exposure of rabies from the coyote, it was humanely euthanized and sent to the state lab in Baltimore for testing,” the press release explained.
(Photo: Calvert County Sheriff’s Office)
(Photo: Calvert County Sheriff’s Office)

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