Man headed to AA meeting killed by drunk driver

Berry was arraigned Tuesday

(CNN) – Tragic, and ironic. An alleged drunk driver crashes into, and kills, a New Hampshire man this week. That victim was on his way to an AA meeting when he died.

The family of this 61 year old Fremont man said he was finally happy and healthy, even helping others with their recoveries. And in his very last moments, he was trying to better himself.

Reed Hindle had had a hard life, a tough upbringing and a battle with drugs and alcohol. But nothing prepared his sister and daughter for his death on Monday.

His sister, Meredith Patrick, said, “I was beside myself l. I couldn’t cry, I wanted to scream.”

Hindle, sober for eight months, was riding his motorcycle to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting on Green Street in Somersworth, New Hampshire, when a truck exiting Stackpole Road collided with him and killed him. Police say the truck driver, David Berry, was drunk and high.

Capt. Russ Timmons of the Somersworth Police Dept. said, “Mr. Berry was arrested, brought back to the Somersworth police station and processed on a charge of negligent homicide.”

What’s more, Berry allegedly told officers he was drinking a beer at the time of the crash.

Hindle’s daughter, Nicole Kearbey, said, “To be killed by a drunk driver when he was clean and sober, it’s very ironic.”

Hindle’s grieving family plans to meet those who helped him through a recovery he was so proud of. “I want to go to the meetings that were very special to him, and I want to thank them for being his friend and being support.”

Meanwhile, they have a message for anyone who considers getting behind the wheel drunk. Kearbey said, “Since he decided to drink and drive and was under the influence, I no longer have a father that just came into my life.”

Berry was arraigned Tuesday and held on $10,000 bond. He will appear in court again next week.

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