High-tech device keeps sexual predators out of schools

Teachers and parents welcome the new security measure

MONROE, Conn. (WTNH) — Touted as the next evolution in school security, nine Connecticut school districts are using the School Gate Guardian. Before a visitor is allowed on campus, the device scan’s their license and checks it against a national sexual predator database. It also searches court orders that would restrict a person’s access to schools.

Monroe’s Superintendent Jim Agostine says the device is vital to school safety.

“We have numerous people that come to the building, delivery people and things of that nature. Right now, we don’t know. They might not be on a sex registry for Monroe, but they may be in the town where they live. This device will now let us know for sure whether or not to let someone in,” he said.

During an emergency, the instrument can help first responders.

“It provides an accurate list of who is in the building, so should an event occur, we know to look for those people to make sure they are safe,” Agostine said.

Teachers and parents welcome the new security measure.

“I think you can’t keep the kids safe enough, especially after Sandy Hook, and we are so close to it,” said first-grade teacher Jaime Crenwick.

“Parents who don’t have custody, it will keep them out of the building and also keep child predators away,” said Marla Dankenbrink, a parent. “Those are the two best features of it.”

The nine Connecticut school districts are using School Gate Guardian are Orange, New Canaan, Ridgefield, Darien, Vernon, Waterford, Woodbridge, Monroe, and Bethany.

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