Getting health back in order after heart surgery

It takes work to get the heart back working to its full potential

(CNN) – Life after heart surgery includes baby steps to get your health back in order.

After a patient undergoes heart surgery, the process is not complete. It takes work to get the heart back working to its full potential.

Ed Parsons is on the mend after having surgery earlier this year to repair a heart murmur. It turns out, one of his heart valves was leaking. “So we want to get to his heart to fix his valve before it was any irreversible damage to his heart.”

After surgery, Ed set small goals for himself in hopes of getting life back to normal. “Friday, my goal for that day was to not move. Everything is sore at that point then Saturday I was like okay, gotta get out of bed, gotta get moving. Sunday, I was doing laps up and down the hallway. Monday, I went home and Tuesday I was back to work.”

With some help from the doctor, Ed is working up to bigger steps. “I’m starting to work out in the yard, cutting down trees, picking up heavy stuff. So I would say I’m 85-90% of where I use to be.”

Ed’s advice to others in a similar situation: set goals, remain positive and don’t take anything for granted. “You start to appreciate things more and slow down your life. It’s about my kids, my family. It’s nice to know I’ll be around for a while.”

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