Listen to Mikey Sweet’s music

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  You’d better get to know Mikey Sweet, because any day now, this local, up and coming singer songwriter is going to top the charts.  Mikey Sweet performed ‘Oklahoma’ in Studio 1A.

About Mikey Sweet:
Michael Grew up in the in the foot hills of Western Massachusetts. His Father was a musician who played Dylan tunes in local bars. His Mother raised him, herself. At fifteen, Michael quit school and hit the road. He became all too familiar with the ways of the rambler. He picked up a guitar and taught himself how to pick. He learned to sing on sidewalks, subways, and interstate on-ramps. Michael is a songwriter. He came to the conclusion early on that, “life is just a collection of stories, and we might as well make them our own.” As a  songwriter he has been described as “a haunting fingerprint of the young, lost traveler of the American landscape; hanging on with his life, to a string of hope that lies just one more mile marker away.” His major influences have been singers and writers such as Towns Van Zandt, Bob Dylan, and Amos Lee to name a few. Michael currently resides back in Western Massachusetts writing, performing and recording his music.

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