Irish family travels to Boston in hopes of helping terminally ill son

The family will need more than $1 million to keep their son alive

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BOSTON, Massachusetts (WPRI) — A family from Ireland has traveled all the way to Boston – in hopes of getting their son the lifesaving treatment he needs.

At just four years old, Cian McDonnell-Lynch is permanently blind. According to his mother, Lisa, Cian is battling Dyskeratosis Congenita, an often deadly bone marrow disorder.

Two years ago, Cian got a successful bone marrow transplant – but now the disease is attacking his lungs.

“It’s a very rare disease. It affects one in a million. And Cian is actually at the more severe end of the syndrome,” Lisa said.

The family came to Boston, hoping to get Cian the lung transplant he needs. Meanwhile, doctors say he will only live until Christmas.

“We were told today that it’s actually progressing very quick, so we’re just really, really hoping that he’ll be accepted onto the transplant list here in Boston,” his mother said.

Cian’s father and big sister have also made the trip to America, but Lisa said their Irish insurance won’t pay for the necessary surgery.

The family will need more than $1 million to keep their son alive, and they are now asking for donations.

While a huge fundraising effort in Ireland has raised more than $100,000, the family says they still have a long way to go.

“It’s just so heartwarming to think that everybody cares so much about him. You know, everybody is really fighting in our corner, in his corner, and he’s going to get the best possible chance,” Lisa said.

To learn more about Cian’s fight, click here. If you’d like to donate to his cause, a page has been set up in his honor.

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