Drone footage captures sunbather atop wind turbine

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. (WPRI) — A man trying to make the most of the last days of summer was captured sunbathing in a most unique spot – on top of the Portsmouth Abbey wind turbine.

According to The Daily Mirror, a person vacationing in Rhode Island from the West Coast was piloting a drone near the Portsmouth school and captured the footage.

“The guy must have been napping because he did not notice the drone for 5-10 seconds,” Kevin, the drone pilot from San Francisco, told the paper.

The video shows a man laying on top of the 200-foot turbine. He appeared to be napping until the noise from the drone woke him from his slumber.

“At that point I decided to take a closer look by moving closer to say hi. Once I got closer I moved the drone side to side to say hello and he motioned back to the drone. It was a cool interaction between us,” the drone pilot told The Mirror. “Upon landing he saw me bring the drone down and was leaning over the edge. I looked up and wave to him and he waved back.”

The pilot said he thought the man was a maintenance worker. However, 630 WPRO is reporting the man is a monk who works for the abbey.

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