Be aware of the four major causes of campus fires

September is Campus Fire Safety Month

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Before you start decorating your dorm room, or apartment, you need to make sure what you’re doing doesn’t start a fire.

September is Campus Fire Safety Month in Massachusetts. The whole idea of having campus fire safety month is to make sure students know about fire safety in their campus dorm or apartment.

The four major causes of campus fires are from candles, clothes dryers, smoke alarms, and electrical outlets.

Back in 2012, candles caused almost 130 fires, and injured 15 people. Check with your school campus if candles are allowed, but on many campuses they are not.

If you can burn candles, blow them out before bed or leaving the room, and make sure nothing is more than a foot away from the candle.

To prevent a fire from a clothes dryer, clean the dryer filter after each load. Make sure no lint or dust builds up around the motor, because it can spark a fire.

An AIC residence supervisor, Alex Cross, told 22News to be careful with how many electronics you plug into your outlets. He said, “I would say a big thing is that people have more gadgets now so we ask them to make sure they’re making conscious decisions of what gadgets are plugged in when, instead of having them all plugged in at the same time.”

Most smoke detectors are connected throughout a building so if there is a fire, all alarms will go off. Make sure that you never cover your smoke alarms.

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