Train attack illustrates Europe’s vulnerabilities

Lawmakers warn that Europe remains vulnerable to attack

(CNN) – A U.S. counterterrorism expert tells CNN the thwarted attack on a train bound for Paris is an example of how groups like ISIS encourage so-called lone-wolves to strike soft targets.

They continue to pose a danger to the U.S. and its allies.

Pres. Francois Hollande of France said, “They created a human community, that of the best to overcome the worst.” In France, three Americans and a British national received that nation’s highest honor Monday for stopping a potential massacre aboard a train to Paris.

Back home, lawmakers warn that Europe remains vulnerable to attack.

Rep. Michael McCaul, (R) Texas, said, “This guys should have had flags all over him in his flights, in his travel back and forth, and for some reason he fell through the cracks.”

The suspect, Ayoub el Khazzani, is in custody right now undergoing interrogation.

According to a senior European counterterrorism official, Khazzani may be linked to investigations into radical Islamist networks across Europe including a French ISIS cell in Turkey.

While his lawyer denies that he’s a terrorist, U.S. Homeland Security Committee chairman Michael McCaul says these links should have been better noted. “The fact that three of these European countries had flags on this individual, yet he was able to travel so freely without being impeded or being flagged or stopped or detained, I think illustrates how dangerous it is in Europe right now.”

Meanwhile, more information is coming out about another man who helped stop the gunman.

Mark Moogalian’s wife tells a French radio station he was the first to try to take the gun away from the suspect. Moogalian, a French-American, remains hospitalized Monday night after getting shot in the neck.

Spencer Stone, also injured in the attack, arrived at Ramstein Air Base Monday to receive further medical treatment.

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