Testimony underway in trial of 3rd UMass rape suspect

Adam Liccardi trial to open at Hampshire Superior Court

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The trial is underway for another suspect in the October 2012 gang rape of a UMass student. Opening statements were made Tuesday morning in the trial of 21 year-old Adam Liccardi of Pittsfield. He is the third of four defendants in the case to go on trial.

Prosecutors allege that Liccardi, along with Caleb Womack, Emmanuel Bile, Jr., and Justin King forced themselves on the victim, who was intoxicated and barely conscious- raping her over a period of several hours. Prosecutor Jennifer Suhl said, “You’ll hear that three of the people immediately left the room, Mr. King, Mr. Bile and Mr. Womak, one person stayed behind, the defendant, Mr. Liccardi.”

Defense attorneys for Bile and King, both of whom have been found guilty of aggravated rape, argued that the sex was consensual. Defense Attorney Alfred Chamberland said, “Mr. Liccardi was not part of that rape and not party to any kind of joint venture in furtherance of that rape.”

Bile was sentenced to 8-10 years in prison, while King received a 8-12 year sentence. Womack will be tried following the Liccardi trial.

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