NY Prison Escape: A look inside the tunnel

They begin at the very spot where Matt and Sweat cut holes in their cells

(CNN) – For the first time, we’re getting a look inside the tunnel two convicted killers used in their elaborate escape from an upstate New York prison earlier this summer.

David Sweat is back behind bars, his breakout partner Richard Matt shot and killed just before Sweat was caught. They escaped from the maximum security Clinton Correctional Facility in June and were on the run for 22 days. A prison worker who helped them plan their escape told police she gave the inmates tools so they could escape.

Now, we’re getting a closer look at how they did it.

Two state investigators armed with supplies and two GoPro cameras showed us just how inmates David Sweat and Richard Matt shimmied and snaked their way to freedom.

The video given to us by an official source is about 20 minutes long, as long as it takes for these investigators to wind their way through the belly of the Clinton Correctional Facility, just like the escapees did back in June.

We’re not showing the investigators faces, but their point of view is eye-opening.

They begin at the very spot where Matt and Sweat cut holes in their cells, then follow the same 6-story-high catwalk before jumping down to take on an elaborate maze of pipes, and the prison’s tunnel system.

About halfway through the tape, our first glimpse of the hole that takes them from one prison building to the next. Investigators squeeze themselves through it to reach the other side.

They push forward, retracing the prisoners’ steps, and just like them, dealing with unbearable heat.

At 14 minutes, they’re underneath the asphalt yard between the buildings.

It’s a maze that even these investigators have trouble mastering. There’s piping hot steam coming from pipes; at times, it’s hard to breathe.

About 17 minutes in, they reach the now legendary steam pipe used by the escapees. This is where it gets tricky!
Sweat had told investigators he spent nearly a month cutting holes in this steam pipe, all part of his secret nightly trips spent mapping out their elaborate escape.

And then the home stretch. Passing one chained up manhole cover, and making their way to the next one, the very same manhole Richard Matt and David Sweat emerged from, kicking off a three week manhunt.

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