offers info on which vaccines children need

Children will be heading back to school in the few weeks

Photo: CNN

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) -School starts soon, and the state is making it easier for parents to know which vaccines children need before their fist day of school.

The state website offers a new feature displaying the the required vaccinations, and those recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.

The state’s website has a timeline that shows what kind of vaccinations are recommended for your children by age, from birth to 18 years old, and what each vaccination prevents.

It’s recommended children between 7 and 18 years-old receive vaccinations for the flu, pneumonia, and hepatitis A. Massachusetts law requires school children to be vaccinated for hepatitis B, T-dap, MMR, polio, Varicella, and meningitis. The dose depends on the child’s age.

Carol Brunelle, mother of two children from West Springfield, told 22News, “I feel like those diseases that they protect against are such old diseases, that they hopefully would know what they’re doing by now. I definitely don’t see people running around with polio.”

“I think it’s all about assessing the risk,” says mother Maura Kinahan, “and it’s really down to the individual parent that they’re making that informed decision. The mandatory vaccinations are mandatory for a reason.”

Children without the proper vaccines will not be able to attend school. Children can be exempted with a doctor’s note or for religious reasons.

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