Error found on the Greenfield Amtrak train station signs

22News explains what's being done about it

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – If you’re heading to the Amtrak train station in Greenfield, chances are, you’ll see signs pointing traffic to the station.

However that sign is labeled incorrectly. As opposed to saying Greenfield Amtrak, the signs say Northampton Amtrak. Not only is that the wrong city, it’s the wrong county.

Fred Bruce of Greenfield said, “Well, it has to be a mistake that needs to be taken care of. Human error.”

Mass DOT told 22News, the contractors who installed the signs were the ones who made the error.

Mark Laurence of Colrain was dropping off a friend on Tuesday at the train station when he noticed the incorrect signs. He said, “I knew I was going to Greenfield at the station. I knew the station was here. I’ve been here a number of years. I believe it should say Amtrak South Greenfield.”

Mass DOT said they plan on installing the new, corrected signs at some point in the next two weeks, but these 18 signs throughout Greenfield already cost tax payers about $32-thousand.

You’ll see these signs on several main streets like Deerfield, Bank Row and Olive Streets.

Anne Yeomans of Colrain  said, “It should be right and Greenfield should be named and honored for what it is.”

Many residents told 22News, though a mistake was made, they’d like to see it corrected sooner rather than later.

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