Eight glasses of water is a myth

You could be causing more harm to yourself

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Not drinking eight cups of water in a day? Don’t worry because you are getting the required fluids in other ways.

We have always been told to make sure to drink eight glasses of water every day to stay healthy, but this has not been backed up by science. It’s a myth, that most of us tried to follow.

You’re actually causing more harm to yourself by forcing yourself to drink eight cups of water instead of just drinking when thirsty.

Pediatric Dietitian Nancy Anderson told 22News there are other options to get the necessary fluids, “Our fluid requirement is based on our weight, so obviously children need less than adults. We, as adults, need eight to ten cups of fluids a day. You necessarily don’t have to drink eight cups of just water.”

That is the key, fluids. Hydrate yourself with your eight to ten cups, in other ways, such as, fruits, vegetables, coffee, and tea. These all have water in them, which helps to add onto your overall daily intake. That does not mean to stop drinking eight cups a day, if you already do.

Zollette Hooks, from Springfield told 22News, “I feel like I need to drink eight cups of water to just get through the day.”

There is nothing wrong with that. You will feel more hydrated throughout the day, especially if it is a hot summer day like this past couple of days were, or, if you workout a lot, you’re just putting the water weight back in that you sweat out.

No need to change your diet, but instead don’t stress over the fact that you might not be reaching a certain goal!

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