Recent break-ins have many concerned in Amherst

22News spoke with some businesses who were victimized just last week

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – More than a dozen businesses in downtown Amherst have been broken into or vandalized this summer.

Johnathan Alexander, of Lexington told 22News, “It’s unbecoming for the town because people out here are for the most part are generally good people.”

What’s worrisome to business owners and residents 22News spoke with is just how brazen some of these criminals are, intruding in the morning and at night. And in a recent break-in at the LimeRed Teahouse, a block away and visible from the Amherst Police Department. It was around 10:30 last Thursday night when someone tried to get into the restaurant. Neighbors heard glass shatter and the intruder was scared away.

Vanessa Henscheid, a supervisor at LimeRed Teahouse said, “So we come in the windows all smashed up we see a bucket outside and somebody had tried to get into the window.”

Nothing was stolen, but now the business will have to pay for a new window. “Break-ins and theft it happens everywhere, but the fact that it’s picking up in frequency tells me that theres a lot more happening underneath in the city itself,” Henscheid.

During the same overnight hours someone had climbed through a back window at M&M Links Jewelry on North Pleasant Street. The intruders stole files and cash but no jewelry.  Jameelia Abdullah, one of the family members that helps in the jewelry store said, “You’re more alert and you have to change a few things and be more prepared next time.”

Across the street , over the weekend overnight hours someone tipped over a soda machine at Ren’s Mobil Service.  One of the gas station attendants, Thomas Schack said, “It’s kind of surpsing in a small town like this you think everybody would keep it together but that’s not always the case.”

Police said they’re looking into the break-ins and trying to determine who is responsible.

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