Topless protesters hit the beach

(NECN) If you were at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire Sunday, you might have seen more skin than usual.

“I am sharing it,” proclaimed Shawntay Grasso. “Free the nipple!”

Some women on the beach went topless as a part of “Free the Nipple,” a nationwide campaign to bring equality for men and women.
“I think there’s a lot of shame attached to the bare body, and I just want to bring awareness that it doesn’t have to be sexualized,” said Grasso.

The movement is working towards eliminating the double standard of women covering their breasts. Standing in solidarity was one guy who didn’t mind wearing a bikini top.

“I think I look ridiculous, so I think we should have equal rights and a woman should be able to take their top off and feel comfortable,” said Nathan Surles.

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