One fifth of new cancers diagnosed in prior cancer survivors

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – We all know someone who’s had cancer. And more survivors are being diagnosed a second time. Close to 20 percent of new cases now involve someone who has had cancer before.

But these repear cancer cases aren’t recurrences. These new cases mostly appear in a different tissue type or body part. Experts say it sounds concerning, but it actually has to do with the success medical teams are achieving in managing cancer.

Dr. Wilson Mertens of Baystate Medical Cancer Services told 22News “We’re picking up cancer early, were curing more cancers, and unfortunately if we live long enough, we live long enough to have another problem. Sometimes that problem is another cancer.”

Doctors recommend cancer survivors maintain a healthy lifestyle, keep up with screenings, and remain mindful of certain symptoms to look out for.

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