Obama faces post-vacation challenges

The stage is set for a busy fall

WASHINGTON (CNN) – President Obama is back at the White House after a vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.

He returns to Washington with a full plate of challenges in front of him.

Challenge one: Wall Street

China’s uncertain economy has led to volatility in the stock market. Monday alone, the DOW Jones industrial lost more than 1 thousand points in early trading before bouncing back. The administration argues that this blip in the markets is not a sign of a bigger problem.

“The US economy is far stronger now than it was in 2008,” said Josh Earnest, White House Press Secretary.

Challenge two: North and South Korea

China is not the only worry. Growing tension on the border of North and South Korea is a concern, even though both sides seem to have come to a deal. An issue for the US with roughly 28 thousand troops stationed in South Korea.

“Nobody wants to see this come to blows on the Korean peninsula,” said John Kirby, Spokesperson, State Department.

Challenge three: Iran Deal

However, a key priority for the White House is the deal hatched with Iran. Despite the controversy, momentum could be on the administration’s side, as a growing number of Senators are backing the agreement. Among them, Senate minority leader Harry Reid. This is all against the backdrop of the election to replace him.

The President could soon be in an awkward position. A democratic source says vice president Joe Biden is leaning toward challenging former secretary of state Hillary Clinton in the democratic primary.

“Adding the vice president to the ticket was the smartest decision he made in politics,” said Josh Earnest.

The stage is set for a busy fall.

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