More changes to Amtrak services affecting Springfield passengers

Second set of changes in last three weeks

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Amtrak passengers out of Springfield are now dealing with the second set of changes to their service in just the last three weeks.

Right now, certain Amtrak passengers in Springfield are no longer getting on a train, instead they’re traveling by bus. That change went into place at the beginning of August, and will be in place for the next year while a second track is worked on along the New Haven-Hartford-Springfield line.

Starting Monday, Amtrak added more changes to try and better get travelers to their connection trains.

According to Amtrak’s website, anytime your train is being substituted by a bus, it’s going to leave from out front Amtrak’s station 30 minutes earlier than originally scheduled.

“And I have no problem with that. I’d rather leave earlier and catch the connection in New Haven than to get there late and find we have to wait later on,” passenger John Donlan said. But Donlan told 22News he did have a problem with was that he only knew about the service changes after he bought his ticket.

He and several other passengers told 22News that Amtrak emailed them about the service change after they bought their tickets online.

Tess Girhiny said her grandchildren were able to make the earlier bus because of that email. “Well, they had done their homework and found that this was going to happen. A half an hour and they would be… a half an hour early and then they would go along to New Haven,” Girhiny told 22News.

From now on, two morning trains and one evening train running between Springfield and New Haven, Connecticut are switched to bus services, and are all leaving their respective station 30 minutes early on weekdays. The same goes for all of Amtrak’s Saturday services out of Springfield.

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