Combating college costs

Play the video for the website that helps college students with a discount on books

(NBC News) Some private employers are stepping up to help finance a portion of the $563-billion that students will spend attending America’s colleges and universities this year.

Nearly nine out of ten companies are now matching some or all of what a student-employee puts into a college savings account, but there may be a catch.

“If you get your degree and then shortly after, you leave your employer, you might have to pay all that money back,” notes CNBC’s Kelli Grant.

That’s one way to offset the cost of college, but the expenses hitting students this week are textbooks.

They’ve become so expensive that a new online industry has been created.

The University Network, an online discount site for college students, has added the “Textbook Save Engine”.

It helps students find the cheapest textbook prices available at any time.

“Students should never pay full price for textbooks, it’s absurd that many of them do,” says University Network CEO Peter Corrigan.

There are other sites like and that also help students avoid paying full retail.

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