Chickens for rent?

(CNBC) Did you know that you can rent a chicken?

As the bird flu scare continues and consumers want food sourced closer to the kitchen table, companies like Pennsylvania-based “Rent The Chicken” are offering a clever alternative to buying eggs at the supermarket.

For $400, Rent The Chicken will hand-deliver two egg-laying hens, a coop, food and water dishes, and 100 pounds of chicken feed for a four-month rental period.

If you’re looking for a good deal on eggs, using hen rental companies won’t put you in the green. Each individual egg collected from a rental hen will cost a pretty penny-around $1.79, to be exact. A dozen eggs comes in at just over $21.

Still, Rent The Chicken and Maryland-based “Rent a Coop” report growing demand from consumers.

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