Biden getting closer to a 2016 presidential run

Biden hasn't made any decisions about the future

(CNN) – Over the weekend, Vice President Joe Biden sat down with Senator Elizabeth Warren. They were reportedly discussing the possibility of a White House run.

Sources tell CNN that the Biden camp is leaning towards challenging Hillary Clinton and making a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Joe Biden arrived at the white house Monday with a lot on his mind, and his weekly lunch with the President in the Oval Office took on new meaning, with speculation swirling about whether he will run.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said, “Everybody is pretty interested to find out is what decision the Vice President is going to make. The President has indicated his view that the decision to add Joe Biden to the ticket as his running mate was the smartest decision he ever made in politics.”

A democratic source in touch with Biden’s associates tells CNN the Vice President is now leaning more towards running for President than against it. The buzz about a possible Biden candidacy has intensified after his secret meeting with influential liberal senator Elizabeth Warren this weekend.

CNN Political Commentator Donna Brazile says, “She’s a leading voice in our party for progressive values and progressive issues, and I am not surprised Joe Biden and others would seek her counsel.”

So far, the Massachusetts senator has refused to endorse frontrunner Hillary Clinton, saying this last week, “I don’t think anyone has been anointed. You know what I want to see is, I want to see all of the presidential candidates lay out where they stand on key issues”

Biden associates see a possible opening because Clinton has been battling trust issues with voters over her email controversy.

The latest CNN/ORC poll shows 53-percent have an unfavorable opinion of Clinton, while 44-percent view Biden that way.

Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders sees Clinton’s numbers as helping him. “I think the evidence is pretty clear, we are gaining, and I think what the polls seem to indicate is Hillary Clinton’s support seems to be receding a bit.”

Biden still would face major hurdles if he got into the race this late: raising enough money and quickly starting up an organization.

In the last few weeks he has been talking to advisers and supporters about whether a run is realistic.

Biden has been told he needs to make a decision by October first. One plan would have him announce his intentions the first week of October.

A spokesman for Biden said Monday that the Vice President hasn’t made any decisions about the future, and anyone speculating that he has is wrong.

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