The 88th Wesfield Agricultural Fair

It's a good chance to introduce the children to something that's new for them

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s been 88 years since the farming community of Westfield put on its first Westfield Agricultural fair.

The thousands who visit the Westfield fair grounds every year can still celebrate reminders of the fair during its earliest days.

Kathy Devine came from Springfield to continue what’s become a family tradition at the fair. “We’ve been coming here since she was about four years old, we like learning about the farming community, nice day out together,” said Devine.

“It’s special to me because we’re here with the Westfield technical academy and I have met many past graduates this weekend,” said David Deffe of Southampton.

It’s during these waning day of late summer leading up to the Big E, that several Western Massachusetts cities and towns celebrate their histories in this fashion.

“This fair’s important to me because it’s the last summer fair I get to go to before I go off to school.”

And so whether it’s for sentimental reasons or just a good chance to introduce the children to something that’s new for them, the Westfield fair will always seem to have a place in the life of western Massachusetts.

This 88th edition still has one more day to go.

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