Flowers/plants that make great gifts

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Flowers and plants make the perfect back to school gift for teachers or a co-worker! Master Gardener, the Green Thumb Guru Ed Sourdiffe told which ones they are and why!

Flowers/Plants that Make Great Gifts

Kalanchoe – flowering, can go without water for a bit, 4 or more hours of sun

Peperomia – indirect sunlight, allow soil to dry

Gryphon Begonia – part sun, soil should dry slightly between watering

Euphorbia – give it the most sun you can, soil 1/2 sand 1/2 potting soil, definatly allow to dry before rewatering

Oxalis – evenly moist in the summer drier in winter, part shade

Jade plant – 4 or more hours of sun, allow the plant to dry between waterings

Ficus – most forgiving of plants can handle all sorts of light, outdoors semi shady, indoors bright, drop leaves with change of position

Spider plant – bright indirect light, always moist, but can dry, truely a hard one to kill

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