Addiction app aides recovery

(WKYC) The city of Marion, Ohio, holds a special place in Brandi Spaulding’s heart, but her hometown is now overshadowed by a dark cloud of devastation. Spaulding has watched heroin addiction rip this quaint city apart and claim the lives of young people she knew.

Spaulding, who will receive a doctoral degree in addiction psychology next month, decided she had witnessed enough destruction and wanted to reverse the deadly trend by providing 24/7 mobile counseling and social support to recovering heroin addicts.

“Addicts are at the highest risk of relapse within their first 90 days of recovery. They feel alone and aren’t always willing to ask for help or make a phone call. So, we created an app that allows for ongoing, streamlined communication and resources at the touch of a button,” said Spaulding, who works in concert with addiction medicine experts as an intern at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

“It’s like they have a counselor in their pocket at all times,” she said.

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